Courses Taught

  • Optical Properties of Nanomaterials (Spring 2021, IIT), Instructor, 7-hour online course for Ph.D. students, covering basics of optical spectroscopy, experimental design, and data processing.

  • Optical Spectroscopy of Colloidal Nanocrystals (Spring 2019, Spring 2018, IIT), Instructor, 7-hour course for Ph.D. students. Textbooks: “Introductory Nanoscience” by Kuno, “Principles of Fluorescent Spectroscopy” by Joseph Lakowicz, "Spectrochemical Analysis" by Ingold & Crouch.

  • Advanced Molecular Spectroscopy (Spring 2015, CU Boulder), Teaching Assistant;

  • General Chemistry II (Fall 2013, Spring 2012, CU Boulder), Teaching Assistant;

  • Organic Chemistry I (Summer 2013, CU Boulder), Teaching Assistant;

  • General Chemistry for Engineers (Fall 2011, CU Boulder), Teaching Assistant;

Graduate Teaching Excellence Award 2012, 2014 (CU Boulder);

  • General Chemistry I, II, III (Academic year 2009-2010, University of Chicago), Teaching Assistant;

Physical Sciences Teaching Prize 2011 (University of Chicago);

Nathan Sugarman Teaching Award in General Chemistry 2010 (University of Chicago);


  • Framing Labs with a Big and Intriguing Question, an invited workshop at the Graduate Teacher Program, CU Boulder, January 23rd, 2014

Chemistry Education