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Rainbow of colors appear under UV light in the chemical reaction of nanocrystals
Anion exchange reaction in lead halide perovskites makes beautiful glowing patterns under UV light.


Interactive laboratory "Rivoluzione Energetica: A Tutta Nanochimica!" (Energy Revolution: It's All About Nanochemistry) at the Festival of Science in Genova, 2018. This outreach activity consisted of six guided stations through which the visitors got acquainted with fundamental concepts behind photovoltaics and photoluminescence as well as with contemporary nanotechnology research: solar materials: old and new, nanochemistry and light, measuring colors, inside the solar cell, solar races, and crystals out of crystals. The laboratory was attended by approx. 600 people over the course of the Festival (majority were middle school students) and guided with a help of graduate students from the University of Genova and IIT. Created in collaboration with Stefano Toso and with a support from Research Organization Office at IIT and MSCA-IF.

Kids using their smartphones to shine flashlights onto solar cells.
Making solar cells work indoors.